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BIIG and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have been retained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

Instrumental Insemination Newsletters

This listing of newsletters produced for the group will grow as they are issued. The first one has limited content owing to it being effectively a test of addresses and the system of delivery.

Various editors have produced the newsletters and all of them have suffered from a lack of information fed back from members to enable completion. There is no schedule for these newsletters, they occur as and when there is something to tell the membership.

The principle underlying this newsletter is one of Email delivery with hyperlinked URLs and Email addresses. A printed version will also be distributed by post to those that are not yet connected to the net. However the printed version can only give the URLs and addresses of online resources and it is recommended that you change to the Email version, which will give you more information and ultimately cost the group less to produce.

Editor's Note... This page covers IINGRIDD, II Group and BIIG newsletters. The IINGRIDD group has been Renamed BIIG. BIIG has now it's own website and it is hoped that all the newsletters indexed here will be available from the BIIG website at some time in the future.