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BIIG (formerly IINGRIDD) and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have been retained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

Instrumental INsemination GRoup Information Dissemination Day


Information Dissemination Day
Saturday 16th August 2003... 9.30am - 5.00pm
in the BBKA H.Q. N.A.C. Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Ron Hoskins, 10 Larksfield, Swindon, Wilts. SN3 5AD. Tel: 01793-525364.
Email: ron@honeybee1.org.uk

Hello All

            I have a list of more than 50 names of people wishing to know more about Instrumental Insemination so please do not be offended by not being addressed personally.

            I send this Email, or write, to invite you to our 'get-together' as detailed in the heading above, hoping that not too many of you will be away on vacation and will be able to attend, I am sure you will want to be at this meeting.

            I cannot say at this stage how many or who will, or will not be coming along, but I do ask each of you to make the effort, especially as more immune varroa locations have been found, at Haverfordwest in Wales and east of Exeter in Devon. I suspect the problem is more widespread than that and not yet found. I.I. may well be the way forward when hygienic bees, able to cope with varroa are found, and you may be the one to find them. When such bees are found, instrumental insemination will have to be used to expand their numbers quickly.

            We want you there to be able to tell the rest of us about your progress or alternatively to simply benefit from the experience and knowledge of those who have been able to progress.

            We now have four members who have been to USA to study with Sue Cobey. I believe others have been to Europe. Several members and groups have their own insemination equipment, so please bring that along.

            If you have been fortunate enough to raise the funds to purchase equipment, then come along and tell others how they might also get funding. Insemination of queens is surely the only way forward for bee breeding in the future but can be very costly; therefore any way in keeping the cost down will be of interest to many.

            If you are looking for a low cost approach then John Pollard may well have the answer. He will be bringing along about six pieces of equipment that will be set up for us all to use. John feels that these are so cheap that if you are able to master the technique, then this may be the machine for you.

            We will require both queens and drones to practice with on the day so start breeding in good time to ensure drones are sexually viable, minimum 12 days old (so start breeding 12 July -- latest), and queens 4 to 10 days old (26 July -- latest).

            Since our last meeting some of you will no doubt have acquired new equipment. Please bring it along. Those that were able to bring equipment along last year do please bring it again this year as some members attending this time will not have seen it and it will help those about to purchase to make up their mind which to go for. Information regarding what accessories are needed and where to buy them will also be of interest!

            We now have a Halifax Savings A/c in the name of 'Instrumental Insem. Grp. Club' so please make out your membership cheque for 2003 (£5) payable to the Insemination Group, if you have not already paid that is.

            Those receiving this by 'Snail-mail' but who now have an e-mail address, please reply by Email to me (Ron) so that I will then have your address on file.

            R.S.V.P. if we will we see you on the 16th ; don't forget the queens and drones,

            Please send any corrected address, etc., and Email address to Ron.

Written by Ron Hoskins on 26th June 2003, with slight amendments by myself.

I will be bringing a quantity of 10 ml glass vials, and some used insulin syringes and possibly a few suitable springs. It is also likely that I will have a few DRONEX grids available for those that have not already ordered them.

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