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BIIG and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have been retained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

BIIG... Newsletter No. 4 (March 2006)

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Stephen Loughborough, 68 Cherry Close, Kidlington, OXON. OX5 1HJ.
Tel: 01865-849863

Dear Member/Lapsed Member or person who has expressed an interest in instrumental insemination...

Are you still practicing or interested in II?
To help move the group ahead I am enclosing a questionnaire. If you get the chance to fill it in and send it back it would be most appreciated. Hopefully we can generate some material for some newsletters. As we are a specialised group we need feedback from members to generate dialog and this is a point Ron has made previously.

Editors Note... The Questionnaire can be printed from the one on the Questionnaire link, it should print out on most printers and most browsers without the web page navigation showing.