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BIIG (formerly IINGRIDD) and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have been retained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

Instrumental INsemination GRoup Information Dissemination Day

Information Dissemination Day
Saturday 6th July 2002... 9.30am - 5.00pm
in the BBKA H.Q. N.A.C. Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire

Ron Hoskins, 10 Larksfield, Swindon, Wilts. SN3 5AD. Tel: 01793-525364. Email: ron@honeybee1.org.uk

Hello All

On the reverse of this letter, or attached if you are receiving it by Email, is a copy of the letter I wrote immediately after the meeting we held in September. This, is just to refresh your memory, and to save me having to cover it all again in this letter.

I will however draw your attention to the date in the heading above, the date of our next get together, as was agreed at the last meeting. This time though, being in the middle of the beekeeping season should make it easier to have plenty of queens and drones available. It may also mean that coupled with the holiday season, some of you will not be able to make the meeting. That will be unfortunate of course, but of the 50 letters sent out last year only nineteen were able to make the September date. The July one may therefore prove more successful!

Please do try to be there. Mark your diary now... July 6th... 9.30am IINGRIDD

You will note it was also agreed that an annual 'Membership Fee' of £5 per person be levied. To that end I have opened a 'Trustee Savings A/c' with The Halifax, which will need two signatures to make withdrawals. The A/c name is 'INSTRUMENTAL INSEMINATION GRP CLUB' to which you should make your cheque payable for 2002. (Some have already paid). Please don't leave it until the last minute? I had to do so much chasing last year that it made heavy going for me, and I really do not have much spare time.

I also draw your attention to the BBKA Stoneleigh Convention on April 27th when Jos Hillen and our own Michael Collier will be demonstrating and lecturing in the BBKA HO. If you are unable to make the 27th, but would like to hear Jos Hillen, Belgian Beekeeper and insemination expert, then he is giving a special lecture to the Somerset Beekeepers to which you are invited, phone first to make sure there is space. There is no charge, but a donation will be appreciated. Sharon Blake is the person to phone. Her number is 01460-242124. e-mail: m-s.blake@overstratton.fsnet.co.uk

At our last meeting I invited Michael Collier to prepare to speak to us this year about his American I.I. Course with Sue Cobey and about his hands-on work with queen breeding in the states. He will also bring along some newly acquired equipment and will give practical instruction on insemination.

John Pollard is developing a full program for the day, though I have arranged for Albert Knight of BIBBA to come along and give us the benefit of his knowledge on bee selection and breeding.

Will you all bring along your equipment, ideas and suggestions to make the meeting a success plus queens and drones. Feed back to me now, any thoughts you have about making the meeting successful.

I will not be putting out a questionnaire this year, other than to newcomers, but I will be in touch again before July, unless there is someone else who would like to throw their hat in the ring and take over from me as I have a lot on my plate, too much to give you my best, undivided help. I hope to see you in July,

Ron Hoskins. 8. 02. 02

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