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Dave Cushman died on 22nd February 2011

A major reason why Dave generated this website, which is dedicated to the study of bees, is to educate, both beekeepers and the general public about bees in general and the specific methods used by beekeepers in handling bees as well as the means whereby we can breed "better" bees.

Dave was an established beekeeper, passionately interested in Bee Breeding,
particularly... Apis mellifera mellifera.

Dave lived in the U.K. Midlands at SYSTON, Leicestershire.

Through ill health Dave was no longer able to work. He spent much of his time developing this website and it was updated, or added to, on most days. It was continually developed and improved and has become a useful and reliable resource for beekeepers of all abilities worldwide.

I am continuing to administer this website and I intend to keep it in largely the same format as Dave had it, but I am not able to spend the time on it that he did. 

As expected there will be some editing of existing pages and the inclusion of new ones. There will probably be new features as well. There may be some disruption and mistakes, but I will try to keep them to a minimum. Please see About this website. for further information.

I hope these developments are seen as being useful and they will help to make this website something that all beekeepers can remember Dave Cushman by.

Roger Patterson


Dave Cushman and part completed workstation

Dave Cushman  1946-2011

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