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HTML Writing and the Standards used on Dave Cushman's Website

As with all standards... progress means change. I do attempt to keep up with the latest standards, but may lag a little behind in doing so.

HTML was new to me as of early 2000, however it is the simplest 'mark up' language that I have come across (and I have used several).

I write my code to suite a majority of browsers, but I do not attempt to cater for every one, nor do I give a 'text only' alternative.

As progress is made I believe that the early standards should be allowed to 'fall by the wayside'. I see no merit in total 'backward compatibility' and so the minimum resolution that will give perfect rendition is 800 x 600 pixels. Higher resolutions are supported by some pages and the intention is that all pages will support up to at least 1280 x 1024 by the year 2007. Progress is being made in terms of layout improvement (as of summer 2006) but the sheer number of pages requiring attention will result it the intended date slipping by about a year to summer 2009).

I apologise for the spelling and grammatical errors, but point out that I have had meningitis, which damaged my language skills. What limited experience I have had of spell checkers, has been of American English versions which I have attempted to teach UK English... Thus some of my poor spelling will have become encapsulated in the spell checking dictionary and thus may creep through.

I hope to expand this section to incorporate hints and tips on code writing, I am not setting myself up as an 'expert', but I have picked up a few ideas and conducted many experiments in the production and development of this website.

I have some ideas on the way we use desktop computers to write HTML code and produce web pages. One of these is to use several monitors so that the text may be displayed on one and others would show the output using different browsers so that direct comparisons can be made. (This became reality in January 2003 and is proving to be very useful, it also increases my productivity.)

To this end I have started building a desktop network that will be expanded to incorporate this feature. Progress is slow, but it can be monitored by visiting the ORAC page.

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