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Free Downloads of Useful Software and Specialised Beekeeping Software/Tools

Virus Checker
Download AVG Free Edition AVG Free Edition is free of all cost for personal use... 'Inoculate It' is no longer available. AVG is updateable by free schedulable download. Do not be put off by the fact that it is "free"...
It is among the best scoring in many organised tests.

Alternative Virus Checker
Download AntiVir Personal Edition AntiVir Personal Edition is free of charge for personal use, I have used it extensively myself. It is also updateable by free download and has a remarkable performance. It is also among the top scorers in organised tests.

Personal Firewall
Download Zone Alarm I use, and thoroughly recommend, this Personal Firewall from Zone Labs... It is surprising how many probes are intercepted and where they originate.

File Unzipper (Expander)
Download Alladin Expander I use this File Expander from Aladdin Systems... A simple to use "freeware" solution for opening zipped files or archiving data, also available in Mac and Solaris flavours.

Enhanced WordPad
Download Cetus Enhanced WordPad Cetus provide this 'WordPad' type of text editor that handles 'Rich Text' or 'Plain Text' with spell checking facility. It is a little more user friendly than the original windows 95/98 accessory.

Download RHA minisystems HTML Tag Checker I have used this HTML and XML Tag Checking routine from RHA minisystems for identifying unclosed or incorrectly nested tags. I write all my HTML & XML by hand using "notepad" it is surprising how many errors can be made in even a simple document.

CSE HTML Validator Lite
Download CSE HTML Validator Lite I find this validator (which is now in it's 3.50 edition) simple to use. I used the 3.00 version extensively as well. A functional and useful tool.

Wing Morphometry Tools

I have re-drawn the Herold fans and discoidal card and they are offered here individually for download and printing.

Herold Fan for Right Wings . Herold Fan for Left Wings . Discoidal Card . Scattergram Matrix .

See also... Adam Tofilski's Linux 'DrawWing'.

I have in preparation a collection of useful Morphometric software that I will place here as a zipped folder of files that can be downloaded in one operation. Many of these have been created by Albert Knight on behalf of BIBBA. For technical reasons, that are due to my ISP's server, the original filenames have been changed to all lower case, but have not been modified in any other way.

Record Cards

Various formats of colony assessment cards can be downloaded and printed.

Chris Slade's Version . BIBBA Version . (others will follow)

BIBBA Software
Download BIBBA Jenter Timetable This Microsoft XL file was written by Albert Knight and provides an interactive way to prepare timetables for using the Jenter Cellplug Box.
Stephen Loughborough has created a very useful stud book. This is an Excel template, but will run on Excel compatible freeware spreadsheet applications.
Download stud book instruction manual This instruction manual is in MS Word format and is 55K in size.
Download stud book template This is the template in MS Excel, which is 300K.
BIBBA Software for wing morphometry (scanner version) will be available here when it is released.


Leicestershire and Rutland Beekeepers Association
Registered Charity No:- 510678

Complete set of files for:- Beekeeping Association Constitution and Support Documents. (Use the 'Explanation' button above left.)

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