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BIIG and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have beenretained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

Bee Instrumental Insemination Group

(Formerly Known As IINGRIDD)
and also for a short time as 'Instrumental Insemination Group'

The group fliers will appear down the left hand side of this page, future correspondence will also be 'archived' here. The original IINGRIDD Newsletters can be accessed via the button at top left.

This has been a loosely formed group for several years, under the IINGRIDD banner.

Material for inclusion in group newsletters is in short supply, please! if you have anything that is relevant to II, let me know and I will either include it in these web pages or pass it to the Newsletter editor.

These web pages are not 'official', they are placed here simply for information, by myself as an 'interested' party. The views I express here are my own and do not represent group policy or ideas, but are in any case along similar broad lines. The documents are rendered in a similar fashion to the originals, which are mainly intended for viewing as a printed page, corrections of minor typos are made at the time of coding the page, however the material is still that of the original authors.

As of March 2005, the group has it's own website...


My BIIG pages are not in rivalry of the 'official' website, but are merely complimentary and additional. I try to keep 'up to date', however in the case of any details being different, please consider that the 'official' site is more likely to be correct than this one.