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Information for New Beekeepers

or those about to start

This index is having a massive overhaul in an attempt to provide good sound information for the new beekeeper. It is also being set up to help make access easier from the subject index. The intention is for information relevant to the needs of the new beekeeper to be on this index and have pages linked via the buttons on the left.

I have been involved with teaching beekeeping to all abilities since the 1970s and understand the needs of those who are just starting, or are about to. Sadly much information is not always reliable and it will take me some time to assemble what is needed.

This is part of the continuing improvements to this website and will be dealt with as a major priority, but please be patient.

Roger Patterson.

This beekeeping beginners index has links to various beekeeping organisations and websites as well as a few useful pages on this website to whet the beginner's appetite for what is a wonderful hobby. Although there is a great deal of information about beekeeping within the pages of this website, it probably does not address beginner's questions in an adequate fashion. This I will be addressing as a matter of urgency. 

If you have come here as a 'would be' beekeeper or a new beekeeper you may find many of these pages confusing.

The links down the left hand side are organised into groups, each of which deserve a little explanation...

Beginner Resources

The FAQs listed on the 'Bee FAQ Pages' link, cover various aspects of beekeeping.

National and Local Associations

Individual beekeeping associations are locally organised, but may also belong to an 'umbrella' regional or national association. 

Large Bee Websites

Are websites similar in scale to this one, all of us strive to provide information on beekeeping methods and techniques that is as 'up to date' as possible.

Resources in this Website

This group was placed here due to various requests during the early days of constructing this website. 

Page created pre-2011

Page updated 10/07/2020