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Estimation of sealed brood

The Pictures that follow are to a scale of 1 pixel per mm, The frames shown are B.S. Deep Brood size and have been drawn to a high degree of accuracy... This entails large file sizes and thus these pictures may take a few seconds to load.

125 Sealed Brood Cells

The first picture shows 125 sealed cells.

275 Sealed Brood Cells

This shows the appearance when a frame has 275 cells of sealed brood.

550 Sealed Brood Cells

This one indicates what a group of 550 capped brood look like.

800 Sealed Brood Cells

If a frame has 800 cells of sealed brood it will look like this.

1100 Sealed Brood Cells

This picture is of 1100 sealed cells.

1400 Sealed Brood Cells

This shows the general appearance when a frame has 1400 cells of sealed brood.

1800 Sealed Brood Cells

1800 cells of sealed brood will look something like this one.

These drawings show contiguous brood in practice there will be a few holes in the pattern and thus the outer limits of the group of cells will be slightly nearer the edge of the frame for a given number of cells.