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Changing Values of Willow
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Papers, Theses and Articles Written By Sylvia M. Briercliffe

Sylvia Briercliffe Sylvia Briercliffe writes about herself and lists a number of hobbies and interests, her prime one being parenthood, She says...

"Children take all your time!

When mine left home to go to university, I had a new lease of life. Lots of avenues seemed to open up and aware that half my life was gone I decided to pack every minute I had left with seconds of adventure."

Her list continues...

Sailing, Cycling, Walking, Humane livestock keeping Beekeeping, Organic growing, Honey, Mead, Computer literacy, Retirement (including further education via the Open University in Horticulture and Environmental Studies), WWoofing (???) (whatever that is), the Willow Park at the Welsh College, She also expects to take on additional things that may crop up in future.

Upon Retirement Sylvia received a Winter Weight Wet suit to more comfortably continue her new sport of Wind Surfing!

Editor's note... I am trying to tempt this lady to visit the Gormanston Summer school.

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 Written... 02 December 2007,
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