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British Standard Smith Bee Hive Frame Dimensions

The Smith bee hive frame is not very commonly used, however it is strongly advocated by those that do use it. There is also some usage of it in hive boxes that are designed on the same footprint as the Langstroth hive and usually carry 13 such frames arranged across the box.

British Standard Deep Smith Frame Dimensions

These are the external dimensions of the British Standard Brood Frame that has the shorter 19 mm lugs. No part of any hive box, apart from lug seating parts should be more or less than a bee space from any of the frame parts.

British Standard Shallow Frame Dimensions for Smith hive

B.S Smith shallow frame dimensions are shown in the drawing above and the B.S. Deep (14" x 12") frame with Smith type lugs is dimensioned as in the drawing below.

Deep British Standard (14 x 12) Smith Frame Dimensions

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