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Smith Hives

Mr. W.W. Smith of Innerleithen in Peebles developed this top bee space bee hive with frames that have shorter lugs, but are in all other respects British Standard. The photograph is of a Smith Hive made in cedar manufactured by E.H. Thorne.

Unfortunately most of the buttons below don't work, however, there are dimension and construction details here for the Smith hive. This information is by kind permission of the Scottish Beekeepers Ass'n.

Smith Bee Hive, Photo... Gill Smith, E.H. Thorne
Smith Stand
Smith Floor
Smith Brood Box
Smith Queen Excluder
Smith Super
Smith Crown Board
Smith Hive Roof
Bro. Adam Feeder
Smith 14 x 12 Box

 Written... April 2000, Upgraded... 14 September 2006, Photo Added... 20 September 2006,
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