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Roger Patterson - Lectures

Roger's list of beekeeping lectures

I speak and demonstrate widely, being one of the most prolific speakers in the country, with many of my presentations being all day events. This is in addition to my own local BKA at Wisborough Green BKA, where I am one of about ten very busy demonstrators. In 2013 I gave 57 presentations or demonstrations to BKAs or events other than my own. These include "lectures", practical demonstrations and being on Q&A panels.

I have never been happy at using the term "lecture", because I don't consider I lecture to anyone. I simply pass on the information that bees and other beekeepers have taught me in over 50 years of beekeeping. Most of my material is based on practical beekeeping, because I think most beekeepers want to understand their bees, so they can keep them better. I do not read books, then tell the audience what I have read. As I regularly say, I tell beekeepers what I know, not what others know. This often conflicts with mainstream thinking because I have observed what bees do. I prefer to use the term "presentations".

I am often asked for my list of titles, so I have placed them here in a printable PDF. Just click on the button on the top left. They are updated regularly. There is bound to be some overlap, but all are genuine titles, not the same one with a dozen different titles!

I am probably best known for my Border Collie Nell who goes to most places with me. Those who know her will know she seeks attention (and biscuits) wherever she goes and is probably the best known dog in beekeeping. I spent three days at the 2015 National Honey Show, where I kept a tally of the number of people who asked me where she was - 29! I don't mind being known because of my dog!

Roger Patterson.