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Nucleus Bee Hives

Nucleus hives, or "nuc" hives generally have a smaller number frames than a standard bee hive or sometimes the frames themselves are smaller in size than those normally used.

A Nucleus is a colony of honey bees that is smaller than a fully established colony, they are often referred to in beekeeping texts, but there are subtle differences, depending on the use that it is intended that the nucleus be put to.

The word nucleus sometimes refers to the box and sometimes to the colony within the box. On other occasions 'nucleus' might be used to indicate a fragment or subdivision of a colony.

Nuclei are a very useful beekeeping tool, they can be used to generate new queens or as a holding place for spare queens or can be used to amalgamate a newly raised queen to a full sized hive.

Many beekeeping problems can be solved by either putting something into a nucleus or taking it out. It is no accident that I had five times more nuc boxes than full sized hives.

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