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for use in the Instrumental Insemination of Queen Honeybees

Peter Schley
Glass Vials
Insulin Syringes
LED Illuminators

Many materials are only available through trade sources in bulk quantities, many are also quite difficult to locate. Some members of the "Instrumental Insemination Group" have skills in making various items or have sources of supply by virtue of their trade or profession. This page will list people to contact or firms that can supply particular items.

It would be helpful if others can provide information about services, supplies, prices or any other aspect that would be helpful to individual inseminators.

Information on glass capillary tubing, leur fitting micro filters, disposable leur fitting syringes, stainless steel leur quills, high brightness leds (all colours), microscopes and microscope cameras. Any and all of these items would make welcome additions to this page.

Written... 05 August 2003, Upgraded... 20 April 2005,
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