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Porter Escape Sized Hole Plates

Aluminium plates, thickness 16 swg or 18 swg to fit the recess in 9 mm boards. Fixing holes are 3.2 mm Dia. on 100 mm centres. All edges are de-burred.

Porter Escape Sized Hole Blanking Plate  

Porter Blanking Plate.

Use this type for blanking unwanted holes in a semi permanent way.

Porter Escape Hole Blanking Plate with Single 8 mm Hole

Plate with single central 8 mm hole.

Use for Uniting or to restrict access.

Porter Escape sized Bezel

Porter Escape sized Retaining Bezel.

Use with flimsy mesh, Zinc Queen Excluder Material or Tinplate "gadgets".

Screws of the type known as "System Zero" are used to fix the plates in position.

I marked out the plates that I have made by drawing around a porter escape with a very fine pointed felt tip pen and then using tin snips to cut around the inside of the line.

Originated... 20 July 1999, Revised... 11 October 2002, Upgraded... 28 November 2004,

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