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B.S. Commercial Bee Hive Frame Sides
Third Angle Projection, American Projection

Wiring Holes are 1.5 mm Dia.   Tolerances are + 0.1 mm   Material... Most softwoods are suitable.

Shallow commercial side bars

Non Self Spacing types of 22 mm or 28 mm straight sided form can be used with castellations in supers used for honey gathering.

Shallow Commercial Side Bars Drawing

Deep Commercial side bars

Only Self Spacing types are suitable in the brood box of this type of hive as the lugs are too short to accommodate metal or plastic spacers.

Deep Commercial Side Bars Drawing

Note 1... I have seen versions of the deep Hoffman type frame sides with the wings 70 mm deep rather than the 55 mm shown in the drawings.

Note 2... It is common to use the ordinary B.S. Shallow type supers and frames in conjunction with Commercial brood boxes instead of employing commercial supers