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The Central Association of Bee-Keepers (CABK)

"Bringing Science to the Beekeeper"

CABK is not as the name might suggest, an association for beekeepers in the centre of the country, but a national association that has a long history in parallel with BBKA. It became an association in its own right in 1945 becoming a specialist member of BBKA, with specific interests in the scientific aspects of beekeeping.

The objects of the CABK are to "promote and further the craft of beekeeping". This is achieved by holding three meetings each year, the AGM in February, a social evening in October at the National Honey Show and an Autumn conference held over 3 days. These events are not only hugely informative, but social gatherings too as beekeepers from around the country gather together to talk.

The speakers at the events are specially chosen scientific experts and over the years have included Eva Crane, Leslie Bailey and more recently Steve Martin. CABK endeavours also to encourage students to come to talk about their research work, giving them experience in presenting to a non-university audience but also practice in handling questions from experienced beekeepers.

Some of the lecturers write up their talk which are produced as small booklets, so members who were not able to attend the meetings can get an insight into the research work.