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"Bee Improvement - the Stages"

Understanding the requirements is important

I believe the improvement of our stock is an important and interesting part of beekeeping. There is very little taught about bee improvement, certainly not at the level that is suitable for the ordinary beekeeper with only a few colonies, or beginners. I think that is unsatisfactory and is why I have added information to this website. I lecture widely on the subject, so if you would like me to speak in your area, please Email me.

Bee improvement isn't difficult. If you think about it most beekeepers are probably doing most of the work anyway, they just aren't piecing it together in an organised way. I hope this page will help do that.

Before you start.....

Now for the interesting bit.....

The above might seem daunting, but look at each item and ask yourself if you are already doing it. You may find you are, but are not seeing the significance, or are storing the information in your head and doing nothing with it. I hope I can encourage you to take those extra few steps and improve your bees. You may find you enjoy your beekeeping more.

Roger Patterson.