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Answers to the 20 simple questions about honey bees

These are the answers that the first group of children gave.

Q. No.Questionsor AnswersNo.
Q 1When did you last see a bee?
Various answers given
Q 2What colour was that bee?
Black & Yellow19
Orange and black1
Yellow & black/brown1
A kind of brown and black1
Yellow & brown1
Yellow, orange & black1
Q 3How many legs has a bee?
Two legs3
SIX legs11
Fourteen legs1
Four legs4
Eight legs6
No legs1
Q 4How many wings has a bee?
A pair of wings1
2 wings20
4 wings3
4 wings, I think1
Looks like 2 wings1
Q 5Where do bees live?
In a hive25
In a honey country1
Q 6In what season of the year are we likely to see the greatest number of bees flying?
In Summer17
In Spring1
In Autumn1
In Spring & Summer1
In April2
In June1
In May1
2 blanks,   Total26
Q 7We say that bees 'buzz', how do they make that sound?
With their wings12
I do not know1
When they are angry or eating1
With their wings flapping very fast1
I think that is how they breathe1
Their wings move so fast it sounds like they are saying buzz1
With things on their heads1
Their wings bang together1
With their sting1
5 blanks,   Total26
Q 8Where do bees get food?
From the flowers12
From Nectar in the flowers2
From honeycomb1
From the ground1
From Spring flowers1
They make honey2
From the hive3
From people1
From pollen1
From big flowers1
1 blank,   Total26
Q 9How do they get that food?
By sucking3
They suck it in1
They use their mouth1
They suck the honey out of the flowers1
They make it2
They suck the Nectar1
They take pollen and make honey from it1
They sting people1
They collect pollen and make honey from it1
They use their tail2
They work for it1
They use their nose1
They have a tube in their mouth and they put it into the flowers to get the pollen1
9 blanks,   Total26
Q 10Have bees any enemies?
I think so1
Question mark. -?1
3 blanks,   Total26
Q 11If you think they have, could you name them?
The other answers were groupings from the following:- wasps, birds, small animals, other Beehives, flies, dogs, cats, frogs.13
6 blanks,   Total26
Q 12In your opinion, how long might a bee live?
10 years1
5 years2
3 years2
2 years1
1 year1
5 months3
2 months2
2 weeks1
1 month at most1
Forever, if lucky1
For a while1
Till it stings somebody2
Till the following year1
From Summer till Winter1
Till the next Summer1
5 blanks,   Total26
Q 13Why are some people afraid of bees?
They sting20
I don't know1
Because they hurt1
Bees sting if they are annoyed1
Some people are allergic1
Some people get sick1
1 blank,   Total26
Q 14Are you afraid of bees?
No, I'm not afraid of any animal1
A little bit1
Not really1
1 blank,   Total26
Q 15Do you think bees are of any value to us human beings?
Yes of course1
Yes, and in some countries bee stings cure people1
Yes, for they make honey and spread seed from the flowers1
Yes, and some people get the sting to make them better1
They give us honey1
2 blanks,   Total26
Q 16Why do you say 'Yes' or 'No'?
Yes, because they give us honey2
Yes, because they make honey8
Yes, because they kill moths and things1
Yes, because they make food for us1
Yes, because they make honey and spread seed1
Yes, because they interest people1
Yes, because they show us how to make honey1
No, because they sting2
No, because they sting humans1
No, because they sting if you go near them1
No, because they don't kill insects2
5 blanks,   Total26
Q 17How do bees manage to survive during the cold of winter?
They stay in the hive9
They stay in the hive and go out when hungry1
They hibernate5
They hide away1
They hibernate in an old house or tree or in a warm place1
They go to sleep till it is warmer outside1
They eat the honey in the hive1
7 blanks,   Total26
Q 18Do bees and wasps belong to the same family?
Yes, because I have seen them1
I don't think so1
2 blanks,   Total26
Q 19At what months of the year are we most likely to see wasps?
In Summer4
In August, Sept, October1
In March & April1
In July3
In Spring1
In Sept. because they will soon die, and they are angry1
In May, June, July2
In June & July2
In May3
In May, June, July, August1
In April, May, June and July1
In July to September1
Spring or Summer1
4 blanks,   Total26
Q 20Bumble bees are bigger, smaller, or the same size as honey bees - which?
They are the same size4
They are bigger15
They are bigger and fatter1
They are bigger I think1
They are smaller2
They are different sizes1
2 blanks,   Total26

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