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Pictures of The Globe Swift Aircraft and Globe Swift Model Aircraft

These pictures have been picked up from here, there and everywhere... I apologise if I have not mentioned the source, but I have worked on the principle that you would like further exposure of your aircraft and that you are as nuts about Swifts as I am. I will remove anything that is actually copyright, just Email me.

Flying Swift Model Swift
Model Swift with covering Rubber powered, free flight version after covering and prior to covering. Model Swift without covering

The night picture and the smart cockpit layout below were picked up whilst surfing the net.

Smart Swift cockpit layout Swift on the tarmac at night
highly polished 210 hp swift This highly polished, 210 hp, swift (shown left) is No. N80955 and it belongs to Michael Whitt.
Sam Swift from Nashville, TN. has this 150hp Lycoming O-320 w/ bubble canopy, sticks, extended length gear doors, custom interior. N3760K (colour is Teal Green) 150hp Lycoming O-320
Flying Swift Steve Roth from Culpeper, Virginia is the owner of the very smart
N2397B - 1948 GC-1B
in the in-flight picture below. It was taken over southern Virginia from his fiancé Lynn's 1957 Cessna 172.
He recently installed a new instrument panel and control sticks (shown further below).
Steve Roth's N2397B - 1948 GC-1B
N2397B Instrument Panel

Steve Roth has upgraded from the swift shown above and left. His current Swift, which has a Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 200 HP engine, is shown below. The aircraft is based at Culpeper Regional, KCJR.

N3729K, Steve Roth

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