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Globe Swift Model Aircraft

This aircraft, in life size, stems from the late 1940s. When I was 8 or 9 years old I received a Keil Kraft kit, as a Christmas present. That kit was duly built into a flying model, but it did not survive very long, as it was not skillfully trimmed and it was flown on a day that proved too windy... I learned a hard lesson on that day, but I saved my pocket money and bought another globe swift kit.

The second model accidentally met with a source of ignition during indoor glide trials and the resulting flash of flame taught me a little more about the fragility and flammability of flying models.

I built others from the same plans, but I remember very little about them, except that I got better at building them and more skilled in flying them.

That was all more than 50 years ago I am now disabled and physically unable to do justice to the honey bees that I have kept for half my lifetime. My thoughts turned again to model aircraft... Rubber power... Free flight... Slow flying... Insect sized flying model aircraft. Technology has advanced, particularly in lightweight materials and I have a fertile brain inside my frail body so you can expect to see more about the globe swift that first fired my imagination, and other types of model as well.

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