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Flying Testbed Fuselage
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Achilles Model Aircraft and the variants that I derived from it

This aircraft is an "old fashioned" design. I purchased a kit in 1999 to use as a flying testbed for some ideas that were floating about in my mind. The principle involved the use of demountable wings and tails of various types that could be "mixed and matched". So far I have several variants part built... Some of the parts were damaged when a stack of boxes in the workshop (middle bedroom) became unstable and caused an avalanche.

The damaged parts will be repaired or re-made as is considered necessary at the same time that I work up some larger sized Globe Swift variants.

The Variants include various lengthened fuselages, some wing variations including forward swept tapered wings for slow flying and several different tail types. All the components being on a "mix and match" basis.

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