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Taylor Knockout Formula Comparison Chart

Energy in foot-pounds is a true measure or comparison of bullet 'power', but energy alone leaves a lot to be desired. It does not compare bullet effect on animals. As a result of this, many shooters have switched over to using the Taylor Knockout formula (TKO) as a much more realistic method of comparing bullet effect on game.

The Taylor K O Formula is an empirical measurement and is calculated as follows...

Bullet Weight (in grains) multiplied by Calibre (in inches) multiplied by Velocity (in fps) divided by 7000 = TKO rating.

This figure is basically the momentum of the projectile modified by a factor proportionate to the calibre.

The chart that follows is arranged in calibre order and includes a few small calibres and a few rifle calibres for comparison purposes.

Wt. Grains
ft lb
.22Long Rifle4010851051.5Rimfire
.303British173244018Mk 7
.50Action Express385160044
12GShotshell4651095Giroslug -.700" dia

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