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The 1990 Pétanque Leage

The Reality of Pétanque in Leicestershire



(A personal view by Dave Cushman, Secretary & Treasurer of
The 1990 Pétanque League. In reply to a B.P.A. publication
in February 1993 by mike web)

Pétanque is developing from strength to strength and if there is a crossroads, then I have no doubts about the direction to follow!

I have played our game for the past 24 years and took part in the formation of The Melton & District League, which later became the L. P. A. .

When Pétanque was conducted under a single banner, only voices of a certain pitch were ever heard. After six or more frustrating years of trying to rationalise the system in a democratic manner. I and sixty others of like minds and similar ideas decided to form the 1990 Pétanque League. This league is now in it's fourth season and has grown considerably in size and popularity. This growth has been achieved against a background of sniping comments and a campaign of deliberate disinformation.

There is no need to alter the status quo, market forces will ensure that the people playing the game will get what they want in terms of league organisation. It would not surprise me if in a couple of years time the growth of The 1990 League had outstripped that of the L. P. A..

I wonder what 'the established structure of the B. P. A.' will think when our so called 'Rebel Cause' becomes the majority view.

As regards sponsorship, I see no need to seek financial assistance unless it is to provide perks for committee members or subsidies for 'County' players. I have represented both my county and my country at several different sports in the past. I have never expected or desired any financial assistance. Indeed one should feel a sense of pride in reaching such standards and flattery in being selected.

I see no need for licenses at all let alone a tiered system as is proposed.

Pétanque is growing because people enjoy playing it, not due to the activities of any national or regional organisations. Indeed I see such bodies as 'straight jackets' limiting real growth.


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