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The 1990 Pétanque League

1990 Pétanque League Fixtures
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DISCLAIMER... Whilst I was a member of the committee of the 1990 Pétanque League... I speak here as a private individual and not as a spokesman for the league. This page is 'unofficial' and is provided as an extra facility for those that may wish to use it. Omissions or errors that may occur here are no excuse or precedent for others to rely on.

I will post notice of various events and meetings on this page, and the sub pages, as a reference both for myself and for anyone else that cares to look. The links in the menu above left, are for specific seasons fixtures and a link to the overall results page.

Any items that I am unsure about will show in this GREEN text.

The Current Year's Dates for the diary are on page two of your rule book. (future link here)

Now is a good time, while ideas and or concerns are still fresh in your mind, to forward them, in writing, to the League Secretary, if they are applicable for inclusion in the next AGM agenda. The more feedback that the committee gets from it's members, the more the league will be able to reflect the will and desires of the membership.

Likewise, if there is anybody who wishes to put their names forward for election to the committee in subsequent seasons please contact the League Secretary stating which position you are interested in holding.


Please return any unused results cards for re-cycling to any committee member.

Presentation Dance

Watch this space for details
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