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Water Injection
of Internal Combustion Engines

Water injection and steam injection have long been used to improve engine performance and fuel economy, but interest seems to run in cycles and little has come to notice since the early 1970s.

I was working for a racing car manufacturing company (BPG Engineering Co Ltd), but I was introduced to the topic by a racing mechanic from Sheffield, whose name, I regret, I have forgotten.

Robert Mann, is a gent that has similar interests and he sent, by Email, a copy of a magazine article that he had written. I liked it immensely and have published it on a page accessible via the link.

There is a technique that is new to me, but one which appeals to my sense of 'rightness'. The water and fuel are introduced in what is effectively a two stage carburettor. I have done no tests on this system, which is the intellectual property of Aspen Engineering  Services, whose web pages give more details.

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