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The Saddle at Twyford Attempt to Start A New Darts League

In an attempt to reduce travelling costs, Peter Featherstone (then landlord) of the Saddle Inn Twyford, tried to form a darts league centered on Twyford. The map below indicates the possible area, but it was intended that this was flexible.

Pete's Map

The intention was for six players per team...
1 leg as a team of six, 2 legs triples, 3 legs doubles and six legs played as singles. This would have run on Monday evenings... September to March, starting in year 2001.

There was a possibility that this new league could be the resurrection of the Burrough League, as the old Burrough league no longer existed at that time.

Anyone interested?
then contact Pete Featherstone on 01664 840237

This attempt by Peter has expired and he is no longer the landlord of the Saddle... BUT I am still personally interested in re-starting this old established institution... PLEASE contact me (Email available at the page bottom) if you have any interest in re-starting this traditional English game in the village pubs of Leicestershire.

The game of darts is an endangered species, our younger generation may never experience stepping up to the oche. Many public houses do net even have a dartboard any longer.

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