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Some experienced beekeepers who have contributed to beekeeping in a number of ways including articles, leaflets, documents and web pages

A great deal of information exists about beekeeping in a number of places, including thousands of pages and documents on this website alone. There are websites, books, magazines, lectures, leaflets, manuals, advertising material, newsletters and training aids. Further to these there is information that can be gleaned from meetings and discussions - some of which unfortunately never gets written down.

The sources of beekeeping information are endless. There is some good sound information that has been gathered by experience and observation, but sadly there is an awful lot of poor information. This is the "standard information" that has largely been recycled from elsewhere, often dogmatically and forcefully given by quite inexperienced "beekeepers" who have gained undeserved reputations by getting their names displayed in as many places as possible, or have gained a few "qualifications" (usually in a short time) and think they know more than others.

The index at left includes a small sample of good experienced beekeepers who are respected writers and lecturers. Their knowledge has been largely gained by experience and observation, not by knowing what other people know. Most of them have an index of documents that is an example of what they have written. The pages containing the document indices may also contain a little information about the person concerned. The list is by no means complete or exhaustive and from time to time more worthy names will appear.

These people have been included because of their contributions to beekeeping in a variety of ways, some for a very long time.