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Glass Beads For Measuring Specific Gravity Of Honey

. . : # + - - - . - Instructions for use of Specific Gravlty Beads. The sample of honey should be thoroughly mixed and allowed to clear of air bubbles at nofmalroom temperature (55° to 65°F.) A Rubber band or piece of tape should be placed round the outslde of the jar half-way between the top and the bottom. The density is tested by means of a speciflc gravlty bead (S.G.= 1.410 at 60°F). The bead should be cleaned and dropped into the honey and pushed down until the top of the bead is level with the bottom of the tape or mark on the outside of the jar. Care should be taken to see that no air bubbles stick to the bead. If, after half an hour, the bead has not dropped any further below the mark, then the honey fulfils the density requirement of the grade.

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