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This page was first produced at a time when it was both possible and probable that I would become a small scale supplier of beekeeping equipment. Ill health has made this unlikely ever to happen, but if it ever comes to pass the items listed at left (and maybe a few others) will be described on the linked pages and each of these pages will have a link to the SHOP facility to cater for online purchase.

The original idea was formed because laboratory reagents tend to come in large package sizes when purchased directly from the pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers. By purchasing in bulk and making up the surplus into smaller, more useable sized packages it was hoped to provide both an inexpensive product and a little income to help fund the production and maintenance of this website. In a similar vein bulk supplies of microscope slides and cover glasses would also have been broken down into smaller quantities for resale.

The range of compounds was intended to be based on traditional recipes and "old fashioned" ingredients like Phenol cotton blue or lactofuchsin stain, Indian ink and various gelatine based mountants that are commonly used by beekeepers.

In the event that this intention never comes to fruition the items can be obtained from various Microscopy Suppliers.

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