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Future Ideas for Implementation

This Page is purely for my own note taking

But if any subject particularly attracts your attention... please send me an Email (via the button in the bottom row) and I will see if I can move the item concerned up the queue.

Home Brewing

Webb Basket, both sizes

BIRD boxes

Achilles on aircraft

forward sweep for extreme slow flying

more PHOTO album


Woodworking Joints,

Bio diesel rape crop

Mini Disc Entrance in Components

Put extra oval slots on hangsectdiv

EXCLUDER divider frames, all types

Cellsize/ wax needed & cellsize versus evaporation rate

Jar sheet to get comb built in for chunk honey

3D version of ruttner's multivariate analysis

II bit Suppliers page

Self anaesthesia by co2 entrapment

proper use of the smoker

NFD page.... VHF - UHF group page

Pollen storage by bees adapted to 4.9 mm cellsize

Gormanston Drone video (link) on matingbehaviour.html

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