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Education, Education and Education to pinch a political comment! However on a more serious note beekeeping education is very important in modern beekeeping, if only to explode the myths that have been propagated down the ages, by copyists among those that published the old beekeeping texts.

Apart from past miss-information today's beekeepers are beset with many problems, it has to be said that many of these problems have been caused by a lack of knowledge among the beekeepers of yesteryear, but that is no excuse for us not to attempt to put this right.

I have not used the beekeeping education system myself, if I were a younger man I would tackle it with enthusiasm, but I reckon my best course of action is to try to knock this website into a satisfactory shape so that my experiences and past research are at least recorded. Having said that I have not used the 'education system' I really refer to the formalised examination structure... Beekeeping education comes in many forms and I continue to learn more on a daily basis as I read many magazines from all over the world, attend lectures and conferences, as well as using the internet's websites and Email discussion groups 'up to the hilt'.

The beekeeping examination systems have been in place a long time and I believe that the Irish version pre-dates the English one. I use the word English as the Scottish, Welsh and Ulster beekeeping associations are separate from the BBKA rather than coming under it's umbrella.

At the time of writing (November 2004), there were many similarities between the BBKA and FIBKA examinations, but one major difference is that although the BBKA system was at one time linked into the academic system in UK, it no longer is... Whereas the FIBKA examinations are linked to academic standards and are thus recognised qualifications in their own right. Apart from this the standards of the Irish system are very high and jealously guarded, that combined with the likelihood of further advances in the Irish system, would make it an automatic choice for me, should I be contemplating such qualifications.

In order to make study more enjoyable some individuals have formed study groups, courses and lectures at the Gormanston Summer School are geared to the various levels of qualification.

Another useful qualification is the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB), which represents the highest level that can be achieved in the UK beekeeping education system.

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