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BIIG and it's website are no longer in existence. This page will be retained for historical purposes only. Names and contact details have been retained, but it is not advisable to contact them unless you know they are still with us.

BIIG... Newsletter No. 1 (June 2004)

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Ron Hoskins, 10 Larksfield, Swindon, Wilts. SN3 SAD.
Tel: 01793-525364.
e-mail: ron@honeybee.org.uk

NEWSLETTER 1. (June 2004)

Hi Albert!
> The CBeeWing program is for free as are still the CooRecorder program which I
> think you downloaded two years ago.
> You need both programs!
> You will find CBeeWing and all info about how to use it at
> http://www.cybis.se/forfun
> The info is found at the three links under the heading "The honey bee:"
> in the left column.
> With kind regards/Lars-Åke Larsson

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