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What is BIBBA?

BIBBA is the acronym of the Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders' Association.

BIBBA was founded in 1964, by Beowulf Cooper, for the conservation, restoration, study, selection and improvement of the native and near-native honeybees of Britain and Ireland (Apis mellifera mellifera L.).

BIBBA is registered with the Charity Commissioners in the UK (Reg No. 273827).

Membership of BIBBA is open to individuals and groups who are interested in producing honey bees of high quality and known pedigree.

BIBBA actively promotes educational workshops on all aspects of bee breeding and the beekeeping manipulations that are required in order to carry out the mechanical aspects of raising queens and getting them mated.

For further information on BIBBA breeding groups and BIBBA workshops, contact Sandra Unwin by Email.

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