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I would like to know what type of paint is the best or something non-toxic to mark queen bees with. Help in this matter is most appreciated.
> thank you very much. Dan Gettel, Caro, MI

It is not a matter of which paint is best, but one of which suits your methods best.

Quick drying is a useful feature, there are both water based and spirit based versions available, generally the spirit based lasts longer (this matters in UK where queens last 3, 4 or 5 years)

I prefer using paints that are similar to the laquer used on ladies fingernails, but I have used cellulose car paint as well.

I do not like the water based ones myself, as they can be more easily chewed away by workers and they do not work as an adhesive for fixing numbered discs.

Whatever you choose to use, the trick is to use a matchstick to print the blob on the carapace as that will get through the fine hairs and stick firmly.

The paint pens sold by most bee outlets will work OK, if matchstick printing is used, but good old fashioned nail varnish is my favourite.

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