Presses for making "Home Made" foundation
Herring Foundation Method
Making Insemination Tips
Making Insemination Hooks
Thoughts on Tubular Perforated Sting Hooks
Thoughts on Insemination Tip Shape
Combined Queen holder & Hook
Bradrad Multi Diameter Drill
Fasteners for Beekeeping
Making Bird Boxes
Hive Numbering
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Making Beekeeping Kit

There is much to be said about "Home Made" equipment, some of it good and some of it bad.

Owing to the nature of things, there is no logical sequence on this page, but items will appear as and when I undertake the various projects or my notes come to light.

A good set of beekeeping tools is very helpful and it goes without saying that you need the skill to use such tools to gain the maximum advantage from them.

I have a considerable experience of many manufacturing techniques. I have knowledge of all sorts of materials as I have been involved in the food industry, oil industry, motor racing, electronics and solid state physics.

I am known for audacious and "wild" ideas, but I like to consider these as a result of lateral thinking and perhaps a little eccentricity.

I spent some time as "the odds and sods" designer in an outfit that designed custom built electrical and electronic equipment. This translates as... "It landed on my desk if nobody else knew how to do it".

I spend much time thinking about projects, my mind is fertile and I like to think I have come up with some innovative ideas, but that is for others to judge.

Records are a more important part of beekeeping than most realise, I include the page on hive numbering as an additional aid to record keeping and help with inventory.

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