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[II-List] Instrumental Insemination Discussion Group


A group for the discussion and dissemination of ideas, methods and equipment details. Related to the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees.

  The Story so far...

I personally am interested in any aspect of beekeeping, particularly items to do with breeding "pedigree" bees.

I first became aware of IINGRIDD in 1999 (I think from BBKA news), I attended a meeting in that year at Stoneleigh. I was of the opinion that more should be done to inform a wider audience about II and so I set up my web pages on the subject. I was unable to attend the 2000 meeting. So it was 1st September 2001 that I attended the next meeting. This meeting did decide that the group should go forward on a more formal basis and I decided I would set up a discussion group so that expertise could be shared worldwide.

The [II-List] was set up on 5th September 2001. It is zero cost and although originally intended for IINGRIDD members, it is open to all. IINGRIDD has become BIIG (Bee Instrumental Insemination Group) who also have their own website at... www.biig.co.uk.

On 9th October 2001 there were 56 members, traffic density was low and sporadic, but of high quality. I have a good deal of confidence that it will prove useful to it's subscribers.

More information about instrumental insemination methods and equipment are available on other pages of this website.

Membership had risen to 72 by January 2004, but traffic was still sporadic.

When this page was updated in February 2005, the membership was 82.

Membership continues to climb and had reached 108 in November 2005. Messages are low in frequency, but our archives contain a steadily growing resource of information that is useful to beginners in II, as well as those that are more experienced. I suggest that the archives are a useful place for newcomers to the group to get started. Don't by worried about asking questions, no matter how simple or daft they may seem... This group exists to improve knowledge of insemination techniques and to educate non inseminators, as well as dispel a few myths that are commonly propagated.

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