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Products, Originally Manufactured by D.A. Cushman or Apex Enterprises

As a hobbyist Beekeeper I used to produce, almost as a by product:-

Honey, Beeswax, Propolis, Pollen, Queen Bees and Worker Bees.

Some items were salable in their own right (Queen Bees, Nuclei of Bees)... Others, after processing, become the items listed on the left of this page. They were originally offered for sale here, not as a commercial venture, but to offset the growing cost of keeping bees (which I did mainly for pleasure, my own education and hopefully the education of others).

Stocks of these items were only ever small, but I could respond quickly to prepare fresh supplies if the need arose.

I have now reached a stage in my life, whereby I am physically weak and unable to do justice to the few bees that I have dwindled to still keeping. I will struggle on with a few colonies until I am totally unable to, but anything that I do manage to do... Will be of experimental nature rather than being highly productive.

  Although there will never be any large quantities of items available, I have developed (am still developing) a shopping facility that can be reached using the 'SHOP' button at left. It is also hoped that from time to time various special items will be available that have been especially designed and production arranged for (I have no production facilities anymore). These will include items for bee breeding and maybe some items for use in instrumental insemination of honey bees.
Written... April 2000, Re-written... 10 March 2002, Upgraded... 28 November 2004,


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