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Top or Bottom Bee Space

If anyone knows of any inacuracies in this text I would be obliged to receive corrections.
Even many years before I started beekeeping I had a passionate interest in bees, beekeeping methods and beekeeping equipment. One of the things that interested me was the design of equipment. (By trade I was a design engineer and trouble shooter.) I saw various arguments in bee books about top or bottom bee space. As I intended to keep bees myself at some unspecified time in the future I decided to sort this out once and for all.

the amount of propolis produced by bees in boxes with bottom bee space that those with top bee space. the amount of propolis in joining the brood frames at the top where they were flush with the top of the box was a deterrent to manipulation in so far as it upset the bees when one had to separate during manipulations. One pitfall with bottom beespace hives on 2 boxs is the tendancy for the bees to stick the frame ends of the bottom box to the bottom of the upper box and then get very cross when you separate them. The way I aproached this was to form four columns on a large piece of paper these were "for top" "against top" "for bottom" "against bottom" I then read all I could (about 300 books) and whenever something was relevent I would put a one line note in the appropriate column. I have searched high and low for this document as it represented a great deal of effort, but I cannot find it! this is frustrating as would like to put together a definitive lecture on the subject. I will, when time permits, re-do this exercise but for the time being all I can offer is that there was an overwhelming set of reasons in favour of top bee space. As a result of this all the equipment that I have designed and built for my own use has been top bee space but in all other respects has been British Standard National. When I have re-gathered all the relevent information I will publish it here.

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