David A. Cushman

Hatfield Terrace 50, St. Peter's Street
SYSTON, Leicester
Leicestershire, LE7 1HJ

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Prices in British Pounds...as of November 2000

HONEY ItemsCodePrice Each
Honey 454gm Std. Squat JarHON12.17
Honey 454gm Skep JarSKH12.43
Honey 454gm Teddy Bear JarTED12.85
Honey 227gm Std Squat JarHHON1.21
Honey 227gm Hex JarHHEX1.37
Honey 908gm (2lb size) JarHON24.15
Baking Honey
(not intended to be eaten without further cooking)
Baking Honey 454gm Std. Squat JarBH11.99
Baking Honey 908gm (2lb size) JarBH23.57

Cutting CompoundsCodePrice Each
Thinning Solvent (200ml bottle)TM9/912.00
Metal PolishMETPOL3.00
Tapping CompoundTAPCOM2.00
HD Tapping CompoundHDTAP2.20

Rolled Foundation CandlesCodePrice Each
Rolled Candle 127mm x xmm DiaS/2Vq
Rolled Candle 75mm x ymm DiaD-Sq
Rolled Candle 101mm x ymm DiaD/2Hq
Rolled Candle 127mm x y mm Dia Table INCOMPLETESx
Rolled Candle 203 x ymm DiaDn
Rolled Candle 127 x z Dia2Sb
Rolled Candle 203 x z Dia2Dm

Moulded Beeswax CandlesCodePrice Each
Small Skep CandleSMSK11.00
Medium Skep CandleMEDSK2.00
Large Skep CandleLGSK3.00
Fluted CandleFLUTED0.85
Mini Truncone CandleMTRNC0.55
Narrow Truncone CandleNTRNC1.00
Wide Truncone CandleWTRNC2.00
Queen Bee CandleQBEE2.50
Narrow Pine cone CandleNPCNE0.85
Small Barleytwist CandleSMBTW0.50
ACME CandleACME0.85

Floating Beeswax CandlesCodePrice Each
Small Floater CandleSMFL0.40
Floating Flower CandleFLFL0.50
Hemispherical Floating CandleHMFL501.10
Faceteted Floater CandleFDFL1002.10

Other CandlesCodePrice Each

Special CandlesCodePrice Each
Mountaineering CandleMC500?
Fumigation CandleFUMCND?
Varroa S2 Sublimation CandleS2SUBL?

Beeswax FoundationCodePrice per 10 Sheets
BS Deep unwired worker foundationBSDUF6.00
BS Shallow unwired worker foundationBSSUF3.50

Beeswax BlocksCodePrice Each
Queen Cell Cups (per 10)BWQCC0.90
Rectangular bars (28gm)BWBAR0.75
Block (500gm)BWBLK5.00
Hexagonal block (28gm)BWHEX10.75
Hexagonal block (42gm)BWHEX21.10
Sewing Disc (small)BWSD10.12
Sewing Disc (large)BWSD20.22

PolishesCodePrice Each
Traditional Beeswax PolishBWPOL11.75
High Shine PolishHSHINE2.75
Creme PolishCRPOL?

Sundry ProductsCodePrice Each
Petroleum JellyPJEL?
Leather DressingLDR1?

Natural RemediesCodePrice Each
Foot CremeFCREME?
Tincture of PropolisTPROP?

CosmeticsCodePrice Each
Hand CreamHCREME?

CANDLE WICKS...Five Metre Lengths
3/5/20Th 08x3+6
3/6/20TH 18x4+8
3/7/20TH 28x5+10
3/8/20TH 38x6+12
3/9/20TH 48x7+14
3/10/20TH 54x8+4x9+16
3/11/20TH 68x10+16
3/12/20TH 7
3/14/20TH 8

CodePrice Each

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