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From: James Fischer To: Subject: RE: 8 frame Date: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 5:36 PM Dave Cushman said: > > b) When the super on the hive is empty, he then removes it, > > and slaps the breeze board on the next super down. > ... What's a breeze board? A "turbo-charged" fume board. You can make one for pocket change. It outperforms fume boards (or "acid boards") by a wide margin, works under weather conditions that make fume boards useless, and has traditionally been used by the really big beekeepers who cannot afford to waste time when pulling supers. Rather than depending solely upon the sun's heat to vaporize and disperse the repellent, it uses the force of a breeze directed through the cloth on which the repellent is sprayed. Even a slight breeze works very well. A really strong wind would prompt the beekeeper to point the air intake scoop slightly away from the direction of the wind. Since the breeze actively pushes the repellent fumes down into the super, one quickly finds that one needs much less repellent than one might use on a fume board. (Less IS more!) A description of both breeze boards and fume boards can be found here: I first saw them for about 15 seconds when watching a video about larger beekeepers who are members of the Sioux Bee Honey co-op at a beekeeper meeting. I don't know who came up with the concept, and I have been unable to find anyone willing to admit to making the first one. I have been disappointed in the major US bee supply companies. Each were provided with a sketch at the ABF Savannah GA USA meeting, and were begged to consider making them. None have shown any intention of offering the device for sale to beekeepers who "buy" rather than "build" equipment. jim (Who makes Bee-Quick, but gives all the profits to the Eastern Apicultural Society Bee Research Fund to avoid feeling like a bourgeois capitalist pig)
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