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Drone Flight Box

Drones are notoriously fragile and will die for no apparant reason if they are out of contact with worker bees and brood. For this reason I have taken the design of the flight box a stage further than previous versions.

To keep the drones "happy" my cage is fitted directly onto a 5 frame nucleus box and the "floor" of the cage is of 8 mesh, although 6 mesh may be even better for this purpose (untried) The cage is fitted with a 15 Watt "pygmy" lamp to provide heat and light and this lamp is shrouded by a screw topped honey jar to aviod the drones damaging themselves on the hot lamp and to avoid burns to the operator. The bees also provide a certain amount of heat and variable ventilation is provided in the base of the nuc box to avoid overheating.

flight cage

Honey Jar Protected Lamp Detail of lamp

Elasticated curtains with transparent panels

Proposed mesh cages for drone transport inside flight box.

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