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Comb Widening Adaptors Manufactured by the Beesy company

Comb Wideners are thin strips of plastic material that have cut-outs so that they may be wrapped around a frame of drawn comb in order to stabilise the structure of the wider comb that is produced by large intercomb spacings.

The details given are for British Standard SN/1. The dimensions I have quoted are my metrications of the Imperial figures that are given in brackets, the Imperial figures have been provided by Richard Alabone (the developer). I have not quoted a tolerance as none was stated and I do not know the original manufacturer.

Material... HIPS (high impact polystyrene) 0.8 mm in thickness.

Two widths are available... 40 mm (1 9/16") and 48 mm (1 7/8").

It should be noted that the corner radiusses in the rectangular windows are required in order to overcome splitting that would eminate from a sharp internal corner, due to stress variation when the strip is bent around the frame.

As the length is... 946 mm (37 1/8") I have chosen to use a drawing scale of 1 pixel per mm. Which will cause horizontal scroll bars to occur if your screen has a low resolution.

Dimensions of 4 slots 48 mm1 7/8 x 23 mm 29/32 with a 2.5 mm 3/32 radius in corners
Length from ends to start of slot 146 mm 5 3/4 x2 Total 11 1/2
Length between 2 pairs of slots 76 mm 3 x2 Total 6
Length between centre slots 317 or 318 12 1/2 x1 Total 12 1/2
Length of slots 48 mm 1 7/8 x4 Total 7 1/2 ______

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